Friday, October 24, 2008

Hot Hunk Friday - Colin Firth

Anyone who read this blog knows, I have a weakness for nerds. And frankly, if they are British, all the better. I lived in England at one point in my life. I found the British were true gentlemen. Most did not leer at a pretty woman walking by. And I don't mean me. I mean hot girls walking by. They were so much more discreet about things like that.

So back to Colin Firth.

I saw him in Bridget Jones' Diary, What a Girl Wants and Love Actually. Can you tell I like British comedies? I truly think the Brits have such a diverse sense of humor. It can be way darker than mine and that's saying a lot. They do farce like no one else. That's one brand of humor we Americans cannot seem to conquer. Watch one episode of Absolutely Fabulous and see what I mean.
So, Colin Firth. He can bumble his way my way anytime.

1 comment:

Kiersten said...

"Hang on a minute. Bad boys don't kiss like that."

"Oh yes they f-cking do."

Love me some Colin Firth. Also TOTALLY on board with the Brit comedies, sweetie darling.