Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Authorsday this week

Thanks for stopping by anyway.
I was in and out of DMV this morning in less than 10 minutes. The ladies were so nice. I even got to pick which picture from my license.
This is a far cry from the crabby old lady who used to occupy another DMV which shall remain nameless. Her lipstick was on her lips and around her lips. I guess that was to make her lips seem bigger.
My husband has an odd signature. (long story). She once demanded that he sign his check so she could read it. He argued that if he didn't sign it with his signature the bank wouldn't cash it.
She was not amused.

I work for my local hospital. I schedule people for CPR classes among other things. I had someone leave me a message and she marked it private and priority. Really, people, it's CPR we're teaching. We're not giving anything out free. We're not performing CPR. And just because you let your card expire does not make it my problem.

BTW, I'm looking for authors to host on Thursday in August. I only have one lined up. Contact me at if you are interested.

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