Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cris Anson for ExcerpTuesday!

Today I invite a fellow Cris/Chris/Kris to my blog to share an excerpt.

Debut erotic romance author Delia needs to research BDSM. A former Dom offers to teach her some basics, and she gets more than she bargained for when Kurt adds his business partner to her instruction. But an innocent misstep brings Delia’s world crashing down around her. Can she trust Kurt with her heart…and her life?

Excerpt of WHAT SHE NEEDS:
Delia turned to glare at the man who had intruded on her reunion with folks she’d only known online, but one look at him—in a dove-gray dress shirt with sleeves rolled up, no tie, and tailored black slacks— made her think, Uh-oh, I’m in trouble here.

About six feet of hunkalicious man stared at her, all thunder and storm swirling in amber eyes that all but immobilized her. His mouth was a thin line of disapproval and his black brows echoed the line and the sentiment. Even the nose, slightly askew, probably from a badly healed fracture, added to the air of danger surrounding him.

Hair as black as the devil’s heart scraped back into a short ponytail except for a wayward swath down his forehead could not soften the severity of his gaze, yet Delia felt only electricity zinging between them. It was an uncomfortable feeling, a cross between a butterfly pinned to a specimen board and a ripe peach waiting to be sucked.

Then his expression softened as his gaze took in the bright reddish-purple of her bruise. He lifted a long-fingered hand to her face but did not touch her. “A slave of your beauty and delicacy should be treated with reverence. May I show you how a true Master treats his property?”

Delia’s tongue felt glued to the roof of her mouth. This hunk was calling her a beauty? Calling her delicate? Ye gods, was he a real-life Dom? Sure, Delia had read all about D/s relationships. Heck, BDSM was an erotic romance author’s stock in trade. But actually be a slave? She was in waaaay over her head here.

The man’s eyes narrowed. “You don’t know the first thing about the Master/slave bond, do you.”

It didn’t sound like a question, because Delia was sure he already knew the answer.

“You are an erotic romance…reader? Writer?”

“She’s a published author,” Judith chimed in. “Her first book just came out and you can buy it this weekend at the book fair. Her name is Delia Barnes. And you’re right, she’s unfamiliar with that lifestyle.”

If Delia had held a gun in her hands, Judith’s lifeblood would be flowing out of her belly right about now. She flashed a silent warning to her critique partner, who blithely ignored her as she smiled up at him from her five-foot-nothing height.

“And you are…?”

The man had the temerity to bow like an eighteenth century courtier. “Master Kurt, at your service.”

“Well, Master Kurt, are you staying at this hotel?” Judith’s question. Delia vowed to add poison to Judith’s next pomegranate martini.

“I am.”

“Then perhaps you’ll find a few minutes to explain some basics to Delia here.”

Master Kurt turned to Delia. “It would be my pleasure.” His gaze skittered past her and his eyes gave some kind of signal, but Delia would be damned if she’d turn around and check out what he was doing.

“Delia Barnes.” His deep voice purring her name stroked her down to her toes. She couldn’t deny that his voice, his stare, his commanding presence had already started the cream flowing between her legs. She’d need more than a snorkel, she’d need full scuba gear if he kept that up.

“Delia, I am going to give you your first lesson in being a proper slave.” Gently placing his long fingers on her shoulders, he turned her around then leaned over her shoulder to whisper into her ear.

Short bio of Cris Anson:

After the death of my husband of 22 years, it took me three years to come out of my grief and feel alive and open to new experiences. Now I consider myself a senior citizen and “cougar” —hey, one is never too old to dream about, or experience, romance.

I enjoy my garden during warm days and have just discovered Zumba for fun exercising. I’ve been writing since the ‘90s and read voraciously across all genres. I’ve published five erotic romance novels and two “Quickies” with Ellora’s Cave, plus a pair of contemporary novels featuring male twins with Cerridwen Press, their mainstream imprint. WHAT SHE NEEDS was released in July. Look for ADDING HEAT sometime this fall. Both of these are younger man-older woman novellas.

You can read excerpts of all my works at www.crisanson.com.

By the way, I’m thrilled to say that I posed for the cover of WHAT SHE NEEDS! If you want to know how it came about, go to Author Island to read my guest blog, “15 Minutes in Angelo’s Arms. http://tinyurl.com/2utkd2a

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