Monday, July 4, 2011

A Chat with Sean Hayden

Sean was supposed to only answer ten. He answered them all. Enough said. LOL. I edited some out.

1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

When I set down the last piece of crap I had been reading. I couldn't even get through it. It was that bad. I remember thinking to myself, "Sheesh, my beagle could have written a better story with more intriguing characters." That cinched it for me. I wanted to be a writer!

  1. How did you pick the genre you write in?

You don't pick your genre. Your genre picks you. It's your love, it's your life, it's what you read when you have the time. You would naturally write what you would read.

  1. Do you plot or do you write by the seat of your pants?

Lists are the devil. Planning is for fools. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. People who outline and plot creep me out a little more than clowns do. I couldn't plan a birthday party, let alone a novel. I write as I go.

  1. Did you encounter any obstacles in researching it?


  1. What do you know now that you are published that you didn’t know pre-published that you wish you knew?

The meaning of life. The value of a dollar. The Easter Bunny is real. And that if you're an unpublished author, the odds of getting an agent to read your manuscript about vampires are pretty much even with getting your Aunt Mildred to stop pinching your cheeks. Not gonna happen.

  1. What was the best writing advice someone gave you?

I before E except after C. I still screw up Reciept. Recepit. Receipt?

Any hoo. That and never give up. If you write a novel and you're happy with it. Chances are someone will want to read it.

  1. Why did you pick the publisher that ultimately published your book?

They said "YES"?

  1. If you could ask your readers one question, what would it be?

How come nobody wears argyle socks anymore?

(From Chris: I have a pair of argyle socks I wear on a regular basis.)

  1. If you have a day job, what is it?

I'm a fiberoptic engineer for a local cable company. Basically it means I melt very tiny pieces of glass together and draw pretty pictures with my computer on very expensive software.

  1. Describe your book.

Well. It's shiny and orange and made out of paper.

Oh, and it's an urban fantasy/horror about vampires and werewolves and demons, oh my.

  1. What do you consider your strengths in terms of your writing?

My sense of humor. My books will make you laugh while they make you cringe.

  1. What do you consider your weakness and what strategies do you use to overcome it?

I have to have coffee while I write. I'm entering a twelve step program to curb my addiction and overcome my dependency on bean juice. Nobody should have to write all jacked up on the java.

  1. What’s your writing schedule?

When I can, where I can, and as much as I can.

  1. What’s your favorite quote?

"Do unto others. Then Run"~unknown

  1. What authors do you admire?

Ones that write in foreign languages. Sheesh. That takes a lot of hard work. I can barely ask where the bathroom is in Spanish.

  1. What is your favorite word?

Fern. It just sounds funny. Say it with me now, "F-E-R-N." Yeah, I giggle every time I say it.

  1. What place that you haven’t visited would you like to go?

Hell. I live in Florida, how hot can the motherland be?

  1. What’s your favorite thing about your book?

The royalties. Okay, that was shallow and true and I apologize. Let's pick something else. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah. The words?

  1. What did you enjoy most about writing this book?


Omg. That hurt.

  1. Who is your favorite character in your book?

Ashlyn's Demon Daddy, Asmodeus. Say that fast three times.

  1. Where do you write?

On a computer? Ick, pen and paper is soooooooo seventeenth century.

  1. What was the hardest scene to write?

When Ashlyn woke up on the morgue table, had her breasts peeled back, her ribs spread open, and had to pull herself together. Literally. I don't have breasts, so the whole scene was awkward for me to write.

Author Bio:

Currently Trapped in the world of Fiberoptic Engineering, Author Sean Hayden decided to branch out and start writing. It has always been a hobby of his, but he didn't pen his first full length novel until two years ago. Since then he has had a slew of stories to share and is currently being published by Echelon Press. He lives at home with his wife, two children, and an ark-full of pets.

Book Blurb:

Ashlyn Thorn was born different. Born with all the characteristics of a vampire, she lives in a world where vampires, elves, and werewolves work, play, and die side by side with normal humans. But everyone knows vampires aren’t born, they’re made. The only thing she wants is to know her true origins.

Ashlyn’s quest to discover the truth of her differences is all that matters. But with every answer, she uncovers more uncertainties. To make things worse she has found herself an enemy of the most powerful vampires of the city who fear her powers are too dangerous to let go unchecked.

Salvation comes at the hands of the government, or does it, who trains her in the ways that best serve their purposes. Ashlyn is torn between two worlds. She can either be a monster, or she can help destroy the monsters.

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Jen Wylie said...

Great interview! Sean always cracks me up. Now I'm going to be going around saying "fern" all day...