Thursday, July 26, 2012

Authorsday: Rionna Morgan

1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer? About the time I learned that someone actually wrote the book…immediately. I’ve always wanted to be one.
2. How long have you been writing? My first distinct memory of writing was in the 3rd grade. I wrote a story about stolen roller skates and all the scary trials they went through before they got home again.

3. How did you pick the genre you write in? I’ve always been drawn to suspense and mystery. I’m also a hopeless romantic. I love Poe, and I love that he loved and missed his wife so dearly that he slept on her grave. That seems to me to be the ultimate in heart wrenching. It’s romantic and creepy all in the same.
4. Do you plot or do you write by the seat of your pants? I used to just write by the seat of my pants…but no more. That takes way too long. I’ve decided that if I plan first and spend quite a bit of time on it, the book basically writes itself.
5. What do you know now that you are published that you didn’t know pre-published that you wish you knew? All the social media involvement. I had a Facebook timeline previously. I knew about Twitter and a few others. But I had no idea the extent of the activity. It is amazing! Overwhelming at times. But I love it!
6. How many rejections have you received? For The Wanting Heart – 200+ My favorite one is the first one I received. This was back when snail mail was the name of the game. I received my original query letter back in the self address envelope with “No thanks!” written in pencil in the upper right hand corner. So heartbreaking and such a celebration in the same moment. Someone out there in publishingland saw my work and wrote on it!! Yay!
7. What is your favorite word? Language is my favorite word to write.
8. What place that you haven’t visited would you like to go? Ireland, Greece and Australia
9. Who is your greatest cheerleader? My family: my four kiddos and my wonderful husband.

Author Bio Growing up out West, Rionna Morgan followed her love of horses to the rodeo arena and her love of English to the classroom and to writing. She has been looking forward to sharing her stories with you her whole life. Rionna is a founding member of Montana Romance Writers; she reads as much as she can possibly hold, and she loves most of all combining the chilling edge of a knife with the sweet surrender of romance. Rionna shares her home in Missoula, Montana with her husband, her four children and the mountains outside her window.

Book Blurb
“The Wanting Heart is a sexy, intriguing, modern-day western romance. A fun summer read.” -- Kat Martin, New York Times Best Selling Author
Katherine White, a barrel racer from Colorado, lives in a fast-paced world where rhinestones shine, hooves pound, and dreams come true. She plans on winning World Champion Barrel Racer and being with her friends until she graduates from college.
She doesn’t plan on the man who broke her heart strolling back into her life. She doesn’t plan on finding solace in a charming stranger’s smile or falling victim to his knife.

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