Friday, July 20, 2012

Finding a Publisher by B.C. Brown

I don't like popcorn. In any of its forms. Unless I'm starving or broke, popcorn is not a food selection. So why is it that my childhood memories include walking to the store to buy Cracker Jacks by the arm full? Looking back on those memories, I've searched for the answer, to see if I ate this food. What I remember is carting home my bundle, anticipation bubbling in my tummy; sitting down in my grandma's bedroom; tearing all the tops open prior to looking at their contents; and, finally, handing them off to my cousin whose store loot consisted of chocolate and fruit-flavored sugar. So what was the purpose of me buying the caramel popcorn if I was handing it off? Simple. I bought it for the prize.
Many people have the same memories - although a few, I'm sure, ate the popcorn - so why is my story valuable? Well, it's because, in the end, most of us were looking for the prize at the bottom. What does this have to do with writing? I promise I’m getting to the point. My trip down memory lane ties closely many writers and their search for the legitimate publisher. While I chose to self-publish my last two novels, I get flooded with emails daily about the publisher search. A professional friend gave me a formula for checking publisher legitimacy. It’s time to pass on this information. It seems like common sense but, trust me, when you are wading through the myriad of publishers and your eyes have crossed from the light of your laptop's screen, common sense has long since decided to take a coffee break. Keep a copy of these check-rules beside you when you begin the long hunt to finding a legitimate publisher. THE LIST 1. Ask for Author references. 2. Ask for a local bank reference. 3. Look them up on Amazon. 4. Ask for samples of their printing / binding. 5. Look for an office you can go into. 6. Type their name into Google followed by PROBLEMS. 7. Ask for samples of book cover designs. 8. Ask if they use template. If they do RUN AWAY. 9. Ask for store references where they have books at. Also, making contacts with people already in the writing industry is one of the sharpest tools a writer can have in their tool belt. So, remember, we're good with the words flowing out of our mouths as well as the ones flowing from our fingertips. Author Bio: B.C. Brown was born with six fingers on each hand endowing her with super powers, thus enabling her to fight crime. When a freak Cuisinart accident severed the additional digits and her powers, B.C. was forced to fall back on her secondary talent -writing. Now she lives between the pages of a book - whether she has written it or not. Since she has not found the surgeon to restore her fingers and powers, she has published three novels to date and contributed to one anthology. She enjoys writing mystery, paranormal romance, science fiction and fantasy but is always in the mood for a challenge to branch out. You can follow her crime fighting or writing at her blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads.
Contact/Buy Links: Book Blurb: Abigail St. Michael, a former cop, has joined the recently growing ranks of metaphysicals, individuals with abilities outside that of normal human nature. When a murderer stalks her town killing children, Abbey uses her ability of touch clairvoyance to hunt him down. Her only roadblock is that her murderer seems to have his own unique talent, the ability to 'wipe' his victims and their surroundings of any metaphysical energy. With little physical evidence and no supernatural evidence, Abbey is forced to rely on instinct and luck to solve the case. However both Abbey's luck and instinct seem to have taken a permanent vacation as the victims keep piling up with the killer's escalating blood lust.

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