Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Word Wednesday - Fettle

fettle \FET-l\, noun:
A state or condition of fitness or order; state of mind; spirits -- often used in the phrase "in fine fettle." From www.dictionary .com

I guess I'm in a fine fettle today. Got a request for a partial manuscript yesterday. Already sent it in. My critique group is coming over.
I picked this word because in six weeks of getting word of the day it was the first word I hadn't heard of before. Some of the words I wasn't clear on the definition, but I'd seen them before. This one was brand new. Part of my reason for getting a word in my inbox each day was to expand my vocabulary. As a writer, words are my tools. A craftsman can never have enough tools. I'm not sure where I'm going to use this word, but I will try very hard in the next few days to work it into conversation.
Can you use it in a sentence?


Unknown said...

I've heard of a fine 'kettle' of fish, been in a stew, a big mess, had a dilemma, epiphany, and tizzy, but I've never been in or near a fine fettle. *lol*

Thanks for sharing, Chris. One can never be armed with enough words.


Holly Jahangiri said...

I've never heard fettle used without "fine," so I'm going to go out on a limb, here:

The average teen, and mine is no exception, stews in a kettle of fettle until the lid blows, spewing ill-considered thoughts and half-baked ideas around a kitchen that's already too hot to stand.

Anonymous said...

You may have mentioned this earlier (I am a new reader), but where do you get your word a day. I love words and am always anxious to learn new ones.

Kim Smith said...

Wow, I like this one. Good luck with the sub :)

Kim Smith said...


Yesterday I was in a big, fat, fine fettle as I remembered a meeting about five minutes too late.

Helen Ginger said...

If I could get my desk into perfect fettle, I might find my laptop.

J D Webb said...

You could work it into a story about a chef who was in a fine fettle of quiche. Okay, I'm sorry for that one.
J D Webb

Chris Redding said...

Love the sentence. It never hurts to stretch as a writer.

Chris Redding said...

Anna, You can sign up there.