Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nebula's Music Virtual Book Tour Stop - Aubrie Dionne

Today instead of Kate Gosselin, I welcome Aubrie Dionne on her virtual book tour. She's graciously answered my questions.

1. What inspired you to write Nebula’s Music?
The genre of Space Opera. Wikipedia describes Space Opera as, " a subgenre of speculative fiction or science fiction that emphasizes romantic, often melodramatic adventure, set mainly or entirely in space, generally involving conflict between opponents possessing powerful (and sometimes quite fanciful) technologies and abilities."
Now, how can that not be fun to read and write?! I love Star Trek, Star Wars, Serenity, Pitch Black, Aliens, pretty much every single science fiction movie out there. Why not try to write one of my own! And why not try to write it on a large scale with melodramatic action, romance, and adventure?

Nebula's Music was one of the most fun novellas I've ever written, and believe me, it took me for a ride!

The character Data from Star Trek The Next Generation. I watched star Trek growing up at 7pm and 7:30pm every night for about seven years. Data's journey to become more human fascinated me. There was one scene where he plays the violin and I marveled at the fact that he can take up an instrument and play it perfectly in minutes compared to a human that has to spend a lifetime perfecting their skills. But did his music have emotion? Probably not.

Nebula is not entirely an andriod. She's made from a real human and experiences that woman's past memories. In a way, she's closer to being human than Data can ever be, but can she break some of the barriers that he never could? Can she experience fear, triumph, or fall in love? Would a human reciprocate that love?

2. What was the best writing advice someone gave you?
To write every day! And that persistence leads to success.

3. Why did you pick the publisher that ultimately published your book?
Lyrical Press has a gorgeous website and breath taking book covers. They say in their submissions, “If you dare to write it, we dare to consider it.” That line resonated with me. I dared to write Nebula’s Music, so why not send it in?

4. If you have a day job, what is it?
I’m a professional flutist in New England. I teach at a University and a community music school. I love to make up stories to go along with the music to make my students understand the music and play with more emotion. Over the years, my students told me that I should get them published, and here I am today!

5. Describe your book.
When the cyborg Nebula plays the piano she experiences memories from a time before her creation. These memories…which involve a captive rebel fighter being held on their ship…bring with them complex human feelings and awaken a desire for her to discover her origins.

Radian is the long lost love of the woman from which Nebula was made. He’s vowed to avenge his finance’s death and rescue her sister from the Gryphonites, a fierce race out to enslave the galaxy.

Nebula grapples with her identity and how much of who she is comes from someone else’s past. She is not the woman that died, yet she is undeniably drawn to Radian.

Together Nebula and Radian seek to rescue his fiancĂ©’s sister and end the Gryphonites’ cruel reign. But can Radian learn to love again and can Nebula accept a past made from someone else’s memories?

6. What do you consider your strengths in terms of your writing?
I love writing different worlds. I’m very good at descriptions and fantasy settings.

7. What’s your writing schedule?
I write every day in the mornings and early afternoons before I go to work.

8. Who is your greatest cheerleader?
My mom is my greatest cheerleader. Then comes my two critique buddies, Christine and Cherie.

9. What is your favorite writing reference book and why?
I love Donald Maass’s Writing the Breakout Novel. He’s an experienced literary agent that gives inside advice on how to write a bestseller!

10. What did you enjoy most about writing this book?
I loved writing in the setting of outer space!

Author Bio :

Aubrie Dionne is an author and flutist in New England. Her writings have appeared in Niteblade, Silver Blade, Emerald Tales, and Aurora Wolf. Her books are published by Lyrical Press, SynergEbooks, and Gypsy Shadow Publishing. Her epic fantasy, The Voices of Ire, will be coming out this summer at Wyvern Publications. Please visit her website:


Aubrie said...

Thanks so much for having me here!

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Aubrie

Sorry to be late stopping in at your tour. I agree - it's an amazing experience writing about space and imagined worlds. Perhaps one day man will really reach the stars!