Monday, August 1, 2011

ExcerpTuesday: Lauren Hope

Lauren Hope is a suspense author who throws in romance, comedy, and a little mystery depending on the story.  She is the author of the enthusiastically reviewed  Shadow Series - Hidden Shadows and its sequel, Chasing Shadows. After getting a degree in Communication, studying abroad in Rome and Florence, Italy, and working in the corporate world, she decided writing was her ultimate love. Her latest novel, Screaming to Be Solved, is a fast-paced, twisting suspense that she thinks her readers will love! Lauren and her husband, Michael, live in a small town in Tennessee with a big yard, an even bigger love, and their floppy eared pup named Jade.
“Oh, one more thing before we get started today.” Jenna snapped her fingers. “Know what this is?” She held out a crumpled piece of notepad paper for Molly to examine.
Molly’s eyes scanned the short, cryptic message:

Your time’s coming.

Looking confused and apprehensive Molly narrowed her eyes. “Weird. Who wrote this?”
“Don’t know.” Jenna shrugged her shoulders. “That’s why I asked you. When I got here this morning, it was stuck to my office door.”
“Really weird.” Molly repeated her sentiment. “Maybe it’s a mistake. Possibly meant for another doctor? Sounds like an appointment time or something. I don’t know. I’ll ask around if you want me to.”
“Yeah, sure. If you have time, that’d be fine. No biggie though.” Wadding the paper in a ball, she tossed it into the nearest trash can, banking it. “Whoo, hoo!” She threw her arms in the air, laughing, and slapped Molly’s hand for a high five.
When Jenna’s watch gave a whining beep, she glanced down and knew it was time to get moving. “And the day begins.” She smiled at Molly and tapped her watch. “Would you mind setting up while I go get my fuel, please? As usual we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off this morning. I only got one cup of coffee at breakfast and that was about…two hours ago,” Jenna estimated. “Time for another pick-me-up.” She grinned and trailed off to the break room while Molly made her way down the hall to get ready for the first appointment.

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