Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy News Monday - US Airways Landing

U.S. Airways Jet
The lead story on is about the US Airways Airbus 320 landing in the Hudson.
One of my husband's hobbies is flying. One think I've learned over the years that whenever you are flying, part of your brain is always analyzing and searching for places to land in an emergency. And I've been up the Hudson in a plane with him. Never thought about landing on it.
But obviously the pilot that day did.
He had no choice.
And it could have gone very badly. But it didn't.
Tp add to the day, the reaction of those in the Hudson at the time warmed my heart. A 20YO pilot ferry steered her craft to save the people. So did another ferry. And because they went there, not many people had to brave the Hudson.
Lots of factors aligned to make this the opposite of a tragedy. The Hudson wasn't choppy or icy.
The engines failed close to the river among other things.
Not the least of which is the pilot. The best man at our wedding is a pilot for an airline. They are trained for just such situations.
But still. It was an amazing piece of flying.
My hat is off to Sully.
And I want to use that landing in a book. Think any editor will believe it?


Anonymous said...

I don't fly, and I was totally impressed.

Anonymous said...

I don't fly either. I was saying to my husband that the black box will become part of training from now on. Although, I don't envy the salvage crew.