Friday, January 30, 2009

Hot Hunk Friday blog post - Jeff Carter

Not a fab picture, I know, but I'm doing this sports theme and I can't forget my beloved Flyers.
Jeff Carter is a Center for the Philadelphia Flyers. Since football is almost over I'll watch hockey a bit more. Not that I can see many of the games because the state I live in has a hockey team. I just don't root for them.
I've only just gotten back into sports. When the kids were young it was hard to watch games.
Now my youngest sat with me this year during all the Penn State games. We bonded over these gridiron matches. It was fun.
At the end of the pro season both my sons and I watched the Eagles. So it was really neat to find things in common with them. The ages they are I know my time with them is finite.
So we have sports. Even though neither of them have an interest is playing sports we watch stuff.
It's funny, because I played softball and soccer when I was younger. Plus pick up games of stickball and half ball (stickball for the poor kids because we only had half a ball.)
I wasn't a great athlete, but I was okay. It wasn't as competitive as it is now.
So what sports do you watch or what sports did you play as a kid?

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