Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Review - What's Age Got to Do With It? by Robin McGraw

I was truly excited when this book came up for review. I wanted to like it. I’m a big fan of Dr. Phil. He’s no nonsense. His love for his wife is heartwarming. They seem like real people. She’s also very beautiful and I would assume part of it is genetics and part of it is her inner beauty coming out.
The book has chapters about nutrition, age, skin care and several other topics that would appeal to women of any age. The good part of the book is at the end of each chapter, Robin McGraw has opinions from experts about each subject.
The chapter on hormones and that every woman of any age should be monitoring their hormone level was new and interesting. It isn’t something my friends have talked about and it isn’t something my doctor has expressed to me.
Unfortunately the rest of the book has nothing new to add to the discussion. The author mentions that she ate cookies in the middle of the night when she fed her son. And that when she quit doing tha,t she lost weight.
I also don’t think that most of the advice is realistic for the average woman. Most women and most women in their fifties are taking care of their children, taking care of their parents and holding down a full time job. I can certainly appreciate that this is the age group that needs to pay attention to themselves, but when are they supposed to shop for all the specific creams and lotions and make up that Robin McGraw insists will make a difference in how they look? I felt as if most of the beauty products were out of the price range of the average woman. What it comes down to for me, was that I was disappointed that the advice wasn’t more down to Earth and no nonsense like her husband’s.


Melinda Leigh said...

If you'd like some really good, no nonsense beauty product advice, go to Paula Begoun's website.


She's the original Cosmetic Cop and exposes expensive products for what they are, and often recommends drug-store brands that are nearly identical in composition. Much of the advertising it total hype.

Aimlesswriter said...

Too bad. It could have been better. I didn't buy this book because once on the Dr. Phil show Robin was doing a thing on healthy eating. She said she maintains a totally gluten free diet. Then she said she only ate Spelt bread. Um...Robin? Sorry to tell you this but Spelt contains gluten. After that I thought she should do her research better.
oh well.