Friday, January 23, 2009

Hot Hunk Friday - Eli Manning

I've decided to do a sports theme for a few weeks. And I started with Eli Manning. Not sure why except that I watched the Eagles beat his Giants.

He's also been on some car commercials lately so I've seen him. Lots of football players look beaten up. The quaterbacks less so. Remember Joe Montana? I was a bid San Francisco fan when he played. Well, not really, but I'd root for them when I could. I don't believe athletes should automatically be role models. I don't think they do enough to deserve that status. Not that there aren't athletes who do deserve to be role models and I'd probably nominate Eli Manning for what he does off the field.

But I would like to see more athletes as romantic heroes. For some reason the industry isn't big on them with a few exceptions like Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

So what's your fave sport?


Jenn Nixon said...

Sorry, I think his brother is cuter. :-)

Anonymous said...

Eli Manning--Major hottie.