Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Word Wednesday - Fabricate

fabricate \FAB-ri-keyt\, verb:
1. to make, build, or construct2. to make up, invent3. to fake or forge a document or signature
This makes me think of fabric. Which you can use to make things. I was just in the fabric section of Walmart today. I want to make a purse. A backpack purse. Mine broke recently and it's annoying to have a purse on one shoulder. And I met a friend who quilts.
Anyway, fabricate is a word I love, but don't use often at all. It seems pretension compared to saying someone lied. Or made up a story.
He fabricated a lie. Well of course he did. Lies, by definition, are made up.
So what was the last thing you fabricated?


Kim Smith said...

LOL. Why I didn't want to go shopping. I was too broke to go, so I had to make something up. Good word Chris!

Morgan Mandel said...

A book is one huge fabrication, unless it's non-fiction. Or one that's supposed to be non-fiction, but really isn't.

Morgan Mandel

Chris Redding said...

Good point Morgan. Then we as writers are all fabricators.

Seeker said...

The last scene I wrote for my current WIP. Of course the whole thing is a fabrication, but that is my most recent lie. LOL