Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy News Monday - Hershey History

You can own a piece of Hershey History.
This is a neat idea. As many of you know I'm from Pennsylvania. Born and bred.
Hershey was a place I always wanted to go as a kid and never got to. I did when I was in college because Hershey isn't that far from State College.
Milton Hershey did a lot of good while he made a lot of money. I can admire that. I wish more people who made that kind of money would be that way. We might not mind them getting bonuses. But they can spend thier money however they want.
Anyway. Hershey and Penn State are intermingled.
Will I buy a piece of Hershey? No, but I don't really have any connection to that specific building. I think it is fantastic that the money goes to a good cause.
Would you like to own a piece of Hershey history?

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