Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Word Wednesday - Equine

equine \EE-kwahyn, EK-wahyn\, adjective:
of, pertaining to, or resembling a horse: a bold, equine face.

I picked this word this week because it is significant.
It is Spring Break for my kids and my younger son has asked to go horse back riding. He's never been and I know a place to go trail riding. I'm excited that he wants to.
I've not ridden since college. I was into dressage or anything like that. My neice is on the equestrian team at West Point. That's not me.
The man I dated for awhile in college took my horseback riding for our first date. It is still the most unique first date I've ever had.
I also think it is important for him to ride because I really believe whateve he does for a living will have something to do with animals. He's so into them and most animals love him.
He was once in an aquarium in Connecticut at a viewing area where the tank is right at your level. This baby sea lion was fascinated with my son. My son would run a few feet and the sea lion would follow. He did this for awhile and the sea lion followed him wherever he went.
There are many stories like that in his life.
I was glad when he told me wanted to ride.
So off we will go sometime this week.
Have you ever ridden a horse?



Okay I saw this and I had to comment. the first time I rode a horse I was 19 years old, and scared to death. They gave me what I now know as the "slowest Nag" they had but I thought it was an Arabian Stallion. It went down a little embankment and I thought I was sliding head first down K2.
the second time I rode, I was in my 40's and the horse just stood there.. What was I supposed to do..no one told me.. Believe me it is NOT what you see on T.V.

The Paperback Diva said...

People who love horses so much are fascinating to me. I guess 'cause they are such huge, overwhelming beasts.