Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Word Wednesday - Slugabed

slugabed \SLUHG-uh-bed\, noun:
One who stays in bed until a late hour; a sluggard.

I have to confess, that on a Saturday morning, I wand to be a slugabed. I have no desire to get up. Five days a week I get up with my husband at about 5:30 am. So on Saturday I think I've earned a lie in.
Well, I'm married to a man that catapults out of bed to start his day. Lovely for him.
Not so for me.
I don't ever catapult out of bed. It would have to be on fire for me to do that.
So I get up because we will have things to do.
Mulch this past weekend and I would feel guilty if he was doing that by himself.
Now. Sundays? I want to get out of bed. I have things to do. My week to sort out.
But I'd still like to sleep in on Saturday.
Would you sleep in if you could?

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