Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Word Wednesday - Proponent

proponent \pruh-POH-nuhnt\, noun:
One who argues in support of something; an advocate; a supporter

I am a proponent of:

Four day work weeks.
Healthcare for the poorest.
Realizing that the uber-rich and the just wealthy are two different animals.
Every child should have some kind of pet.
Someone else cleaning my house. (Not that I get to experience that.)
Sleeping 9 hours each night.
Term limits for congressmen/women.
We should be good to the evironment, but not at the expense of our economy.
Wine with dinner.
Full day kindergarten.
Sleeping in on Saturdays.
Working out at least 30 minutes a day.
Teaching your child about how the world is and how you'd like to change it.
Some people should not have children.
People should realize that celebrities are not normal.
That I'm done now. Have a good week.
What are you a proponent of?

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