Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy News Monday - Preventing a heart attack

Just by brushing your teeth.
Regular readers know that I am all about preventing heart attacks. I actually know 2 men who recently had heart attacks. One could not have been prevented. He chalks it up to choosing the wrong parents.
The other one might have been prevented.
There has been a movement afoot to study the effects of good oral hygiene in the prevention of heart attacks. I now several years ago researchers talked about how dental hygienists and dentists could tell you something about your health based on what was going on in your mouth.
My father used to say that a dentist was the most stressful doctor because you never knew what you would see when someone opened their mouth.
In turn, if you take care of your mouth you are taking care of the rest of your body. Who knew it could be that simple for some people.
I've been a stickler for brushing my teeth since I was a teenager. You notice boys and you want your smile to be fresh.
Even when we haven't had insurance to cover it, we still go to the dentist twice a year.
So brush your teeth to keep your heart healthy.


Connie Arnold said...

I have read some about this, and it's such a simple thing to do to help prevent a serious problem! Thanks for sharing about it.

lenabrown said...

I found you through the Tweeters Directory. I am a reading fanatic. Whatever I can see I will read. I like this article on heart attack and oral care. Heart attack actually drew me to this particular article; although I have read all of them on this page. I have high blood pressure and am always concerned with my health. Thanks for the information. I will be following you here and Twitter. I am a writer also and hope to make your acquaintance one day. Until them happy reading and writing!!