Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hot Hunk Friday - Jerry O'Connell

I would not have known this was Jerry O'Connell if it hadn't come up in Google Images for him.
He is no longer the chunky kid from Stand By Me.
He was on a Lifetime Movie based on a Nora Roberts' book Midnight Bayou. That's what brought him on my radar.
He's married to Rebecca Romijn who used to be married to another 80's star John Stamos of General Hospital and Full House fame. More recently he was on ER.
Hollywood and their matches and rematches make my head spin. I've been married to the same guy for almost 19 years and I'm not ready to trade him in.
Anyway, this is Jerry O'Connell. All grown up.

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Marie-Nicole Ryan said...

Yeah, he grew really good. He also spent several years on Crossing Jordan as Jordan's semi-love interest.