Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy News Monday - New Hybrid Van

Company has made a 100 mpg van.

I'm not environmentalist, but I believe for our safety and just plain business sense, we need to find alternatives to oil. Note I said it in plural.
There isn't one answer. I think too many people are looking for one answer. We have one answer now and it isn't a good place to be.

One of the things I like about this van is it uses multiple technologies. 30 miles on battery alone then a combo of battery and gasoline. I truly believe this is where the answer lies. In a combination of technologies. There are places where wind would work better. I don't think solar power is a big seller in Seattle.
See what I mean?
There isn't one answer. There are many.
What would work in your area?


Morgan Mandel said...

I walk 5 blocks to the commuter train and take the train Downtown, get off and walk another 5 blocks to the office. When I do drive, I have a Neon. Since I only do neighborhood driving, I don't worry about gas that much. The DH has a van because we use it to go to Wisconsin on vacation and we need room for all our junk we always feel necessary to bring with.

Morgan Mandel

Chris Redding said...

I live where there is no public transportation. You must drive everywhere.

Helen Ginger said...

Don't know that solar powered cars would work, but we get a lot of sun around where I live.